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As the leading frozen pizza manufacturer in Saskatchewan, Canadiana Foods takes pride in delivering exceptional pizzas that are loved by pizza enthusiasts across the province. Our pizzas can be found in various chain stores, including Co-op stores, Sobeys, Superstore, Save on Foods, Safeway, IGA, Family Foods, independent stores, Fresh co, and many other individual stores throughout Saskatchewan.

Our Premium brand, "Canadiana Pizza," offers a delectable selection of eight flavors, each carefully crafted to perfection. From classic combinations to unique and innovative creations, Canadiana Pizza brings a gourmet experience to every slice. Made with the finest ingredients, our Premium pizzas guarantee an unforgettable taste that keeps customers coming back for more.

For those looking for great value without compromising on taste, our Value brand, "La Famiglia," provides an excellent choice. With six delicious flavors to choose from, La Famiglia pizzas offer an affordable option without compromising on quality. Whether you're seeking traditional favorites or exploring new flavor profiles, La Famiglia pizzas are designed to satisfy cravings while staying within budget.

At Canadiana Foods, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality frozen pizzas, allowing customers to enjoy a delicious and convenient pizza experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Working with the best clients

Real Canadiana Super store (Customer Logo)
Sobeys Foods Store (Customer)
Save on Foods food store (Customer)
Co-op Food store convenience store and gas bar logo (Customer)
IGA grocery supermarket (Customer)
freshco food store (Customer)
No Frills Supermarket Grocery shop (Customer)
family foods food store (Customer)
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